How much do you know about your sexuality? Most people can’t explain in detail where they feel good about being stimulated somehow, even if there is a place that feels good to them.

But if you understand and develop your sexual zones properly, you can make them feel even better than they already are, in other words, you can cum! Today I will explain:

  • Three sexually active zones.
  • Recommended toys for clitoris.
  • Recommended toys for G-spot.
  • Recommended toys for portio.
  • About caressing your breasts.

And so on, and so on. If you develop it correctly, you will be able to experience cumming too. Please read this article.

There are three sexual zones

The human body can be sexually sensitive around areas such as neck, ears, armpits and legs, and of course, breasts are also important erogenous zones. However, I would like to introduce the erogenous zones around the vagina, which are necessary to feel orgasm.

First of all, there are three main female erogenous zones. The easiest one is the clitoris, the next is the G-spot, and the last one is the portio.

I’ll explain why, the pleasure you get, and how to develop it.

Your most erogenous areas are the ones most involved in intercourse, including your nipples, clitoris, G-spot, cervix, and vaginal opening. The most erogenous secondary zones change from person to person. You’ll only know what you like by testing things out, so it’s up to you to find out what your most sensitive zones are!

“Erogenous Zone”: Where Have I Heard That Before?

Difficulty Level 1 Clitoris

The clitoris is a relatively easy place to cum. Unlike the other two parts of the body, it is attached to the outside of the body, so much so that some patterns are developed unconsciously, such as in childhood. I’ve never felt an orgasm before! If you’re not, try clitoral stimulation first!

The pleasure you get

The pleasure felt by the clitoris is often compared to the sensation of a momentary bolt of lightning. Some people say that it is like an electric current flowing through your body.

This phenomenon is called “external come” and is completely different from the “internal come” that I will explain in the next two paragraphs. The clitoris is swollen and swollen and the muscles of the genitals contract when you are about to come outside.

It’s a sensation of something that comes all at once, but explodes in a moment. It lasts for a very short time, and some people’s minds go blank. If you’ve never felt it, you wouldn’t know what it means, but it’s amazing just to imagine it.

Stimulation of the clitoris is probably the easiest way for most people to experience an orgasm. In a 2017 study of over 1,000 women from the US, about 7 out of 10 people who had heterosexual sex said that they required clitoral stimulation to orgasm during that sex or that clitoral stimulation improved orgasms even if they didn’t require it to orgasm

How many types of female orgasms are there?

How to Find it

The clitoris is a pinkish protrusion located on top of the vagina that averages 5mm to 7mm. It often feels chattering and irritating to the touch. It varies from person to person, some smaller than average and some larger than average.

When you are not used to it, it may be painful or uncomfortable to try stimulating it, but as it develops, it gradually changes to a pleasant sensation.

The best way to find it is to look in the mirror and in an M-shaped leg-spreading position. If you open your vagina to the left and right, you’ll find a billowing skin called the labia minora. At the top where the left and right skins meet, is there a small protrusion? If there was, it would be a clitoris!

What a biological remnant of the penis, the clitoris is said to be a remnant of the penis, and it can even get hard and swollen with stimulation! So when they are stimulated and excited, they swell up red. That’s what we call an erection in men. It’s kind of amazing that women do it too!

And the reason why the clitoris is so sensitive is because of the more than 8,000 nerves that exist throughout the penis, which are clustered within a few millimeters of each other. The fact that the pleasure in the clitoris is similar to a man’s ejaculation. You can see that it’s quite stimulating, right?

How to stimulate

As for how to develop the clitoris, try touching it over your shorts at first. As mentioned above, the clitoris is a very sensitive place, so you may feel pain if you suddenly touch it directly.

If you touch it through the cloth, the stimulation is lessened, and it is easy to get a pleasant sensation. At first, try rubbing it over your underwear or making a circular motion with your finger to get used to the stimulation little by little.

When you feel good, take off your shorts and apply gentle pressure on the skin covering your clitoris. You can also try popping it with your fingers or gently tapping it. You can also try pressing or plucking with your fingertips to give it a vibration. Try to get your preferred degree of force and speed of movement with various stimulation methods.

Finally, peel the skin of the clitoris from side to side and stimulate it directly. You may feel pain if you give a strong stimulation suddenly, so wet it with your love juice or lotion sufficiently and then touch it gently.

If you always give the same kind of stimulation, you will feel an orgasm only in that way. Therefore, it is important to change the method of stimulation little by little, and to be able to feel a good feeling by any method. Make as many variations as possible. If you can feel good in any way, then your clitoral development has been a success!

Toys for the clitoris

A sex toy called a rotor is recommended for clitoral stimulation. It is an oval, egg-shaped item that vibrates when the motor in it rotates. It is the most popular sex toy for women, so the possession rate is high.

Also, it’s perfect for stimulation at pinpoint because it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They’re affordable, so they’re great for sex toy beginners! Please give it a try.

Recommended rotors are here.
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Difficulty level 2 G-spot

Now, the medium level of difficulty is a place called the G-spot. It is necessary to train to some extent in order to feel an orgasm because it becomes so-called internal come from here. The stimulation at the G-spot is important because it will make you squirt. Let’s work together!

The pleasure you get

It is often compared to the feeling that a big wave rushes in from inside. It is not the image that it rushes up at once like the clitoris and spreads, but it is the sensation that a body becomes warm slowly and a pleasant sensation spreads to the whole body.

When you come, there are times when severe spasms occur in your whole body.

The blood circulation in the vagina will be good at first, and it will be mushy. As it is, a sensation close to the urge to urinate rushes in, and the inside of the vagina widens and tightens greatly.

Next, the vulva and the anus are squeezed, and if you continue stimulating it in that state, it will lead to come inside. You can understand the difference between this flow alone and external come, can’t you?

How to find it

Now, as the name implies, the G-spot is not a thing, but a spot (location). The G-spot is not a thing like the clitoris, so there is a great deal of individual variation in where it is located.

It is usually located on the belly side of the vagina, about 3 to 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina, and its size is about the size of a coin for most people. However, the G-spot really varies from person to person, not only in location, but also in size and how it feels, so please consider this an approximation.

First, try inserting your middle finger into your vagina with your palm up. If you bend the first joint around the second joint, do you see a place that feels a little different to the touch? It can vary from hollow to rough, but if there is a different texture from the surrounding area, that is the G-spot.

The position of the vagina is different for everyone, so the location depends on whether it’s supine or subservient, etc. The closer the vagina is to the abdomen, the more supernumerary it is, and the closer it is to the anus, the more subservient it is.

The length of the vagina is about 4 cm from the anus, so if the vagina is more than 4 cm from the anus, it is supernumerary, and if it is closer to the anus than that, it is subservient.

The location of the uterus is roughly the same for all women, so the angle will vary between supine and subservient. In the case of the superscript, the uterus is located at a lower angle, so it is easier to hit the G-spot when a straight object is inserted.

On the contrary, there is not much difference between the height of the uterus and the vulva in those with a submissive ovaries, so the angle is more gradual. If you insert something straight, the G-spot will not be stimulated as much, and the sensation of hitting the back of the vagina will be stronger.

If you understand the way your vagina is attached, it is easier to find the G-spot and the angle at which it is easier to stimulate, so please measure it.

In the beginning, it’s normal to feel pain or urge to urinate rather than feel it when you stimulate it. Don’t worry, as it develops, you’ll feel a good feeling.

How to stimulate

Look for the G-spot as described above. The clitoris is often located at 12 o’clock on the clock, and if you probe between 11 and 13 o’clock, it’s often there.

As a rule of thumb, gentle tapping for 10-20 minutes will help you to feel your orgasm, whether it’s within the range of the G-spot, at the entrance, in the center, or at the back. It depends on where you’re most likely to feel it, so try a whole range.

As the G-spot becomes more sensitive, it will swell and become more bloodshot. Use your fingertips to gently stroke the swollen G-spot in a vertical, rhythmic motion. Press lightly or apply low-stimulation vibrations for a long time. Be sure to cut your fingernails short to avoid hurting the vagina.

It is recommended to use a lotion for this. Not only does a sufficiently wet vagina feel twice as good, but it also reduces the risk of scratching your nails or other parts of your vagina because it is more slippery. Use it aggressively!

The trick to cumming in the G-spot is that if you are capable of external orgasms, you should come by clitoral masturbation first. Once your body has orgasmed once, it’s more sensitive than it was before, so it’s easier to feel it again; use this method until you can easily orgasm on the G-spot.

The method that most people find successful is direct contact of pointer and middle fingers to the G-spot, either with an upward alternating pressure or with a ‘come-hither’ motion if you have someone assisting you with this climactic endeavour.

To make things a little easier, however, we recommend using a massager specifically designed for stimulating the area where the G-spot is thought to be.

O-M-G-Spot: What’s The Deal With G-Spot Orgasms?

Toys for the G-spot

For stimulation of the G-spot, a sex toy called a vibrator is a good choice. A vibrator is short for electric vibrator and is an item that mimics the shape of a male organ. It is inserted into the vagina and used.

There is a wide variety of vibrators, including those with a swinging (rotating) function and those with a piston (up and down) function, but the G-spot-specific vibrators are designed so that the prongs hit the G-spot upon insertion and can easily bring you to orgasm.

It’s a must-have item for those who want to develop their G-spot, so please use it positively.

Here are some of the recommended vibes.
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Difficulty 3 Portio

Portio orgasms are said to be the deepest of the three and it penetrate through the entire body. Some say that once you know how good it feels, the other orgasms won’t be enough for you! That will take some time to learn, but it’s very worth a try. Let’s be patient and work on your development.

The pleasure you get

Like the G-spot, the pleasant sensation felt in portio is so-called “internal come”. This sensation can be likened to a deep wave coming over and over again from the inside of your body, and you can come continuously.

People tend to think that coming many times in one sex session, but it is not true. In fact, it is not. It means to come several times in one orgasm. Since the pleasure of portio orgasm lasts for a long time, the next pleasure can come after the first one!

Continuous come is something you can never experience with external come on the clitoris or internal come on the G-spot. This is the reason why it is said that the pleasant sensation obtained by portio is the most pleasant. It is difficult to learn it, but don’t you want to taste it even if it takes some time to develop?

Also, you can come in the clitoris or G-spot while the pleasant sensation from a portio is continuing. Therefore, if you can get the pleasure from portho, you will be able to learn to come continuously relatively soon. This is one of the biggest attractions.

Because cervical orgasms occur deep inside, they can be considerably more intense on several levels. According to Sexual Reflexology: Activating the Taoist Points of Love, the cervix is literally a woman’s “inner core,” and has the ability to create an orgasm that allows sexual energy to flow, releasing built-up tension which in some circumstances can often lead to a full-body orgasm.

Male Orgasms and 14 Unique Types of Orgasms

How to find it

So let’s find the portio right away. The portio is the area where the uterus protrudes slightly at the entrance to the womb. The average length of the vagina is 8 to 10 cm, so a woman’s fingers may not be able to reach it.

Try inserting your middle finger straight in, palm up. Do you feel a stiff or mangled protrusion at the far end of your finger? The firmness and sensation differs from person to person so it is not clear, but if there is an obvious difference in texture compared to the surrounding touch, you will be able to find the portio.

A woman’s uterus is very elastic, but if you haven’t been pregnant or given birth, the porthole is often still hard and you can’t feel it easily. Therefore, many people say that they can feel the porthio-orgasm after having a baby and the uterus becomes soft.

On the contrary, even if you are hard now, you will be able to feel it as you steadily develop and gain experience, so it is important to take a long view.

How to stimulate

As mentioned above, the portio is a very insensitive area compared to the clitoris and the G-spot. Therefore, even if you stimulate it at first, you may feel pain. If you are suddenly poked hard during sex, for example, it can end up hurting instead of feeling good.

If you are developing with a partner, ask him or her to first stimulate you by gently and slowly pushing into your penis.

Have him or her slowly rock the penis up and down, draw circles, or make figure-eight movements. It should gradually feel better and better. It also helps to have them hold it down so that you can put a little weight on it.

When developing the portho with your fingers, try to stimulate it by moving your entire hand in small increments to shake the entire uterus. Slowly pressing and vibrating the portio will help you come more easily. It is easier to concentrate on stimulation in a steady rhythm, so try to be aware of this as you stimulate.

Toys for the portio

I would love to see you use a sex toy to develop the portio because it’s harder to stimulate with your fingers, especially when compared to other sexual zones. A sex toy called a dildo is perfect for such a portio.

A dildo is a beam-shaped model of male genitalia, and the difference between it and a vibrator is that it doesn’t have a vibration function at all. It’s really just a model. That’s why you can stimulate it at the angle and intensity you want.

Many of them are very realistic and you can choose from a wide variety of thicknesses and lengths, so you can find one that you like. Choosing one that’s similar to your partner’s will maximize the gap between you and the actual sex you’re having!

We recommend the following dildos.
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Don’t forget to caress your breasts

I’ve shown you how to stimulate your sexual organs directly, but don’t forget that you should also make sure to caress your breasts and other parts of your body.

Even when you have sex with him, what if he inserts you without getting wet enough due to insufficient stimulation to your breasts? You will probably feel uncomfortable and you won’t feel good. It’s the same with masturbation.

The mental aspect of orgasms, especially in women, can have quite an impact on the female orgasm. When you are in a situation where you are relaxed, and your brain is sufficiently aroused by fantasy and adult content, you should finally start masturbating your vagina after you’ve done a good job of caressing your breasts.

Don’t reach down in a situation where you’re not wet by mistake!

For more information on how to feel orgasm, click here.

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What did you think? I think you have understood that each female sexual zone has its own characteristics, and the degree of pleasure and difficulty is completely different.

I explained that orgasm through portio is the deepest of all but the G-spot and clitoris also have their own merits. You can learn how to orgasm both externally and internally and some people prefer external orgasm, so don’t be pessimistic if you can’t do it.

Take your time and develop yourself slowly and deliberately so you can get a lot of pleasure out of it!