How do you handle your sexual urges? Some people may think masturbation is embarrassing and find other ways to distract themselves. However, sexual desire is one of the three main needs. Masturbation is not something to be ashamed of! In this article you will understand:

  • Why is it a waste not to use sex toys?
  • Recommended items for external orgasm lovers
  • Don’t you want to know what your new sexual zone is?
  • Recommended items for internal orgasm lovers
  • Cautions on using sex toys

We’ll give you a lot of information on how to effectively use sex toys and learn to masturbate correctly. By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand the benefits of masturbation. Please read this article through.

Why you should masturbate and the benefits of masturbation

Getting straight to the point, masturbation is something that you should rather be doing. First of all, even women have a sexual desire if they are healthy. Holding back the three major cravings is not good for your body because it leads to stress.

When you masturbate, substances called dopamine, oxytocin and beta-endorphin are released. These are called happiness hormones, and the more they are secreted, the more likely you are to feel a sense of happiness.

In addition, after masturbation, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant because it creates the same sense of fatigue as after exercise, which leads to a good night’s sleep.

Further! The light exercise of masturbation stimulates the secretion of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can have a beneficial effect on the skin!

Don’t you think it’s a shame to have to endure so many benefits of masturbation? And best of all, the more regularly you feel it through masturbation, the more sensitive your body will be. Once you get used to the pleasure of masturbation, it will be easier to come during sex with him.

Now you see that masturbation is not something you should be ashamed of, but rather something you should not hold back on.

One of the many benefits of masturbation?with or without sex toys?is that it stimulates endorphins and dopamine into our brains and bodies, which not only helps us deal with stress and anxiety, but also can lead to a better night’s sleep.

the psychological benefits of sex toys.

What should I do when I masturbate?

I know I should masturbate, but how do I do it? Do you have a question? Many people think that masturbation is about fingering the genitals with your fingers.

In fact, most people will start with finger stimulation at first. However, as they become accustomed to it, there are many people who use other methods other than stimulating the clitoris with their fingers, such as showering or sliding the clitoris on the corner of an object or the floor.

However, commonly known as shower masturbation or sliding masturbation, or leg pin masturbation where you get an orgasm with your legs pinned together, it is actually not a good idea to get pleasure from these methods.

These stimuli are so far removed from the pleasure you get during sex that if you get used to them, you may not be able to feel an orgasm during sex.

In that case, masturbation with a sex toy can be used together with your partner, so you don’t have to worry!

Why it would be a shame not to use a sex toy

To begin with, it would be a shame not to use a sex toy. If you use sex toys, you can get the pleasure that you can’t get from human movements, and it also changes the way you feel orgasms. And what’s more, it reduces the time it takes to orgasm!

Now we will discuss those reasons in detail.

Pleasant sensations that cannot be obtained by human movement

First of all, the pleasure you get from sex toys is certainly not something that can be replicated by humans in the same way. It is no surprise that sex toys have been developed and commercialized for orgasms.

The pleasure of being a professional in orgasm, so to speak, is something that you will never know unless you use a sex toy. Isn’t it a shame that there are so many things in the three major desires that we simply do not know about?

Does the orgasm you feel also change?

Also, using a sex toy or not using a sex toy will completely change the orgasm you get. As mentioned earlier, the more a woman’s body feels, the more sensitive it becomes.

Conversely, without self-development, the sexual zones will remain underdeveloped for a long time. There are some sexual zones that take so long to stimulate that it is difficult to keep them stimulated by a finger, and there are places where it is rather impossible to even reach with a finger.

Sex toys make those developments possible and increase the types of orgasms that can be felt!

“People who have used sex toys report being more satisfied with their sex life across all metrics, including quality of orgasm and quality of masturbation,” Dr. Donaghue says.

5 Mental Health Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom

It’s also a time saver

It’s a bad way to say it, but it also reduces the time to orgasm, because it allows you to come much faster than using your fingers to masturbate.

It’s really common for men to end up reaching orgasm faster than women, and women end up not being able to come.

But if you train yourself to come faster, you may be able to come during sex as well!

Recommended items for External orgasm lovers

As some of you may know, external orgasm is the stimulation of the clitoris to achieve orgasm. Many women may masturbate in this way.

Also, if you have no experience in masturbation, I recommend starting with the External orgasm, which is less difficult than the Internal orgasm (which I will explain later).

Let’s start with the items recommended for External orgasmists who like clitoral stimulation!

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Easy way to get orgasm with the clitoris


An egg-vibrator is a small sex toy that is primarily used for clitoral stimulation. It is often oval or egg-shaped, and the built-in motor gives vibrations by rotating.

You can choose the magnitude of the vibrations in stages, but they are modest in size compared to other sex toys, so they are recommended for sex toy beginners rather than advanced users who want strong stimulation.

It can also be used in conjunction with other sex toys or inserted into the vagina, so it is a good idea to have one. If you choose the cordless type, you can enjoy the thrill of going out with it in your vagina.

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Electric massager

Electric massager is short for electric massager, which is also used for clitoral stimulation. Since it was originally a massager for home use, it is large in size and provides stimulation through intense vibrations.

The most common shape is a stick-like handle with a round head. Since the motor is built into the head part, the larger the size of the motor, the wider the area of vibration will be transmitted.

You can choose the intensity of the vibrations, but it is basically higher than the Egg-vibrator, so it is recommended for people who are looking for great stimulation. It can also be used in conjunction with an inserting item because it is used on top of the genitals.

Sex lubricant

A sex lubricant is a slimy liquid that is highly effective in lubricating the vagina. It can be a great help for those who have painful insertions and for those who have difficulty getting their vagina wet.

However, it is also an excellent sex toy because there are a wide variety of products with a warm/cold function and scented/flavored ones. Make a variation depending on your mood.

Also, the sex toys that are inserted into the vagina should have a sex lubricant to make it smoother, so if you want to increase sensitivity, choose a sex toy with a hot/cold function.

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Wouldn’t you like to know the new sexual zones too?

Well, you’ve gotten used to masturbating with the clitoris, or you’ve successfully masturbated with the clitoris! You are the woman who says, “I’m not the only one. Did you know that women have other sexual zones?

There are two sexual zones for internal orgasm: one is the G-spot and the other is Portio.

It is said that the pleasure you get from Internal orgasm is stronger than that of External orgasm, and many people say that they can’t get out of it once they get into it.

The detailed article about Internal orgasm is here.

Where are the erogenous zones? Introducing by difficulty

Recommended items for Internal orgasm lovers

To internal orgasm, a sex toy is especially essential. Because the inside of the vagina is more insensitive than the clitoris, and because it is basically better suited to stimulation by vibration and pressure, that’s exactly what a sex toy is for!

Since the G-spot and Portio are in completely different locations, there are many items produced that are specialized for each.

Let’s take a look at some of the items we recommend for the Internal orgasm crowd!


Dildo is a beam-shaped model of the male organ. Since it is really just a model, it can be an item that you can move around as you wish to get pleasure from.

The great thing about Dildo is that it is very realistic. There are many models that are made of materials and sizes that look like real penises, so you can find the one that is perfect for you.

It’s inexpensive because it has no vibration or other features, and Portio is great for development because it’s so effective to push. You may want to buy one to try it out, as it will also eliminate the gap between you and actual sex to the maximum extent possible.


Vibrator is also often imitated by male genitalia, but it differs from Dildo in that it has functions such as vibration. You can choose a combination of functions, such as the piston function (vertical movement) and the swing function (rotational movement), depending on the purpose.

There are also G-spot-specific models, which are designed to fit snugly against the G-spot during insertion. Otherwise, you can stimulate it in any way you want, depending on the angle and the degree of insertion.

Many of them have strong vibrations, so they are items that have become so widespread among people with advanced internal orgasms that they are called vibrators if you want to have an internal orgasm.

The sex toy industry is abuzz with ‘good vibrations’ and the purchase and use of sex toys is becoming ever more mainstream. Studies conducted at Indiana University in the USA found that 53% of women and 45% of men aged between 18-65 years had used a vibrator, and that vibrator use is associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health. As well as offering pleasure and fun, sex toys can be a useful adjunct to medical treatment.

The health benefits of sex toys

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Condoms are indispensable during sex, and needless to say, they are a contraceptive item used to cover the penis, right? But condoms can actually be a sex toy, too!

Some are warm or cold, scented or flavored, with projections on the surface or glowing. There is a wide variety of them, so they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

If you are shy about buying a sex toy, just changing your condom to one like the one above can be a stimulus, so you may want to try it out first.

Points to keep in mind when using sex toys

Sex toys are excellent items with all the benefits when used correctly. However, if used or chosen incorrectly, they can be dangerous.

We want you to use sex toys in a safe and secure manner, so be sure to read the following precautions.

Let’s start small

First of all, depending on the item, if it is the type of sex toy to be inserted, start with a small one.

If you choose a large sex toy suddenly, it may lead to pain and injury, and the foreign body sensation will be strong and difficult to get pleasure from.

It is recommended to choose a size one size smaller than you think you can insert. Go for a gradual increase in size!

Choose soft materials

As with sex toys in general, choose one that is as soft as possible at first.

There are many hard sex toys, especially those that are inserted, such as plastic and metal. Those foreign body sensations can be very pleasant for advanced users, but they are not suitable for beginners.

This one is also directly related to pain and injury, so please be very careful.

Maintain good hygiene

Sex toys come in contact with the genitals, so hygiene should always be strictly enforced.

Electric massager has a special cover for this purpose, so we recommend that you buy one.

Be sure to wash it immediately after use with warm water and soap, wipe it off properly, and store it in a well-ventilated place to prevent bacteria. It is not a good idea to put it off until later.

Condoms should be thrown away once used and not reused, and sex lubricants should have their lids closed and wiped regularly.

Don’t neglect to do a little bit of work like this, but be aware that you should continue to do so.

Be careful not to overuse it

Sex toys are great items with all the advantages. But unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. It’s that you can get carried away with the good feeling and overuse it.

The stimulation by a sex toy is pleasant because it’s something that no human being can produce, but if you get used to it, you’ll end up not being able to get off without it.

Although it is difficult to add to or subtract from the sex toy, it is important to be aware of the fact that the ratio of masturbation with a sex toy to masturbation with a finger or actual sex should not be extremely high.

For more information on sex toys, see the article below.

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Check out the items you’re interested in!

What did you think? The habit of masturbation will surely change your life for the better. And sex toys will help you to do so.

Please make sure that you use the right item at the right frequency to get pleasure from it!

And I hope that this article has helped you if you have ever thought that masturbation is embarrassing.