How many sex toys do you have? I think each person has their own reasons for buying the items they own, and the frequency of use varies for each person. But aren’t you curious about what everyone else is using and what are the really good items around you? In this article, I will explain about;

  • How to choose and use sex toys
  • Choosing the right one for the purpose
  • Recommended for external orgasmists
  • Recommended for internal orgasmists
  • A little bit of the abnormality is also good

I hope we can learn the ropes of choosing goods together and guide you to the perfect sex toy for you! Please read on.

How many sex toys do you have?

First of all, how many sex toys do you have? I assume that there are people who just got up with the courage to buy one, or you may have several of them and use them in different ways.

Sex toys are made specifically for each sexual zone, so it’s best to change the item depending on where you want to use it. From here, let’s think together so that you can choose the item that best suits the pleasure you want!

How to choose and use

So how can you choose the best one? It depends on your personality and what you value, so please read through all the items and make a decision.

Standard Items

You want to try the basics first! If you think that there must be a reason why they are selling well, you should start with the classic items. You are right, there are reasons why so many people are asking for them.

They sell well because they are easy to feel orgasms, the material is good and easy to insert, and so on, among the many sex toys that are available. You may want to choose an item that is not out of place, especially if you are a sex toy novice.

But on the other hand, what many people think is good is also a safe item that is not too edgy. If you are somewhat familiar with sex toys or already have some, you won’t get any new excitement.

What’s hot on social media

If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you may be interested in sweets and leisure activities that have become popular on social media.

It’s the same with sex toys, and you may be curious about what’s being talked about in the so-called erotica (people who tweet about sexual matters).

In fact, the items that are praised by people who are knowledgeable about sexuality are often superior in performance and quality. Also, many of them are very geeky because they are based on a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience.

This one is the opposite of the example I just gave, and it may not provide much safe stimulation. So if you have no knowledge of sex toys, or have never used them before, it is best to avoid them.

Cheap Products

Sex toys are very much in proportion to their price and quality. Therefore, if you are an expert on sex toys, you may not be impressed by cheap products now.

But if you are a beginner, it’s a different story. There is no need to use expensive products if you don’t have a detailed understanding of what is good or bad.

Rather, I would recommend it anyway, because there are no products with a simple structure that make it easier to feel orgasms or that are significantly off the mark.

At first, it is natural to be unsure of which item is right for you, so trying a few of the cheaper ones will be more satisfying than buying one of the more expensive ones. So, try them out and see how they compare.

Expensive products

As mentioned above, sex toys are very much in proportion to price and quality. So if you already have several sex toys, and you know where you like to go and how they work, I’d recommend an expensive, good-quality one.

But even though they are expensive, it’s not often that a luxury item is out of the ordinary. Most items are reasonably priced. Most of them you can probably afford with a little bit of savings and a little bit of luxury.

The higher the price, the more products you’ll find that can answer your maniacal needs. If you have a slightly unusual sexual proclivity or if you are no longer satisfied with ordinary stimulation, then by all means, get excited and use the good stuff.

Sexual zone specific types

This is the most important thing and the basic premise of all items. For example, if your most sensitive sexual zone is the Portio (which we will discuss later), what if you bought an item that stimulates the clitoris (which we will also discuss later), which is a completely remote area?

Not only does it not make you feel good, but the sex toy will probably be left to gather dust without being used.

In most cases, those who can feel a Portio orgasm can also feel a clitoral orgasm, but what you want and want to use is definitely something specific to Portio.

Where do I like to be stimulated? What items are best for it? It’s a good idea to consider before buying.

Choose the right one for your purpose

Now we will thoroughly analyze the items that are specific to each sexual zone, how to use them, the pleasure you get, and more!

But before that, did you know that there are two types of pleasure that can be obtained by stimulating the sexual zones: external orgasm and internal orgasm?

First, we will help you understand the difference between External orgasm and Internal orgasm, and then we will introduce you to the items that are appropriate for each pleasure.

What is External orgasm?

The external orgasm is an orgasm that is mainly caused by stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is a pinkish protrusion located in the upper part of the vagina, and its size is about 3-5 mm in diameter. When you touch it, you often feel a chattering stimulation.

There are many women who get pleasure from the clitoris. Compared to Internal orgasm, which I will explain later, it is very easy to develop and you can feel the orgasm in a short time.

Easy way to get orgasm with the clitoris

Recommended items for External orgasmists

The pleasure obtained by the external orgasm is often likened to a momentary firework or an electric current, an image of something bubbling up in the lower half of the body and then dissipating in a flash. The following three items are suitable for such a clitoral orgasm.

  • The Egg-vibrator
  • Electric massager
  • Sex lubricant

Let’s take a look at them one by one!


Egg-vibrator is a small oval-shaped item that vibrates by the motor that is built in it rotating. Because there are a lot of items that are in the shape of an egg, you can use it by putting the tip directly against the clitoris.

The advantage of the egg-vibrator is that it is small, so it can be stimulated to a pinpoint, and the vibration is not too strong, so it is easy to challenge even for beginners. The price is relatively inexpensive.

Because it is possible to insert other items into the vagina and apply Egg-vibrator to the clitoris, it is not a loss to have one because it is possible to use it together!

Electric massager

Electric massager stands for electrically powered massager, and it is a household massager that was originally used for the shoulders and hips. The most common type of massager is in the form of a round head in the form of a stick, which gives strong vibrations.

It gives the sensitive clitoris a strong vibration that can be used on the shoulders and hips, so I don’t have to tell you how good it feels. You can feel an orgasm right away.

The size of the clitoris was also a feature, but nowadays there are many mini sizes available. Even though they are small, they are as powerful as traditional items, so give them a try.

Sex lubricant

A sex lubricant is a slimy liquid that is often used during sex for lubricating effects. It is a great help for those who feel painful intercourse.

However, there is a wide variety of sex lubricants available, some with warm or cold functions, some with scents or flavors, etc. They are sometimes called sex toys. They are sometimes useful when used in conjunction with a sex toy!

Sex lubricant increases sensitivity, which makes it easier to have an orgasm. It also makes it easier to insert, so it is a good idea to buy it with a sex toy.

What is Internal orgasm?

There are two types of internal orgasm: the pleasure that comes from stimulating the G-spot and the pleasure that comes from stimulating the Portio.

The G-spot is a place (spot) as the name suggests, which is often located about a centimeter in front of the vagina. It is not as obvious as the clitoris, and it can be a little difficult to find, because it is not attached to anything like the clitoris. But if you can develop it, you’ll get deep pleasure from it!

The pleasure of the G-spot is compared to a warm feeling that comes from inside the body and spreads softly. Some people say that it lasts for a long time and that it makes them go blank.

The Portio is a protruding part of the uterus located at the mouth of the uterus, and at first you may not feel any stimulation at all. In fact, some people say that they feel pain. However, as it develops, you will feel a pleasurable sensation.

The pleasure you can feel at Portio is even deeper than the G-spot, and is said to be the most pleasurable of all female orgasms. Some say it makes you go limp until the next day!

Fingers or a sex toy should do the trick. Since the pleasure comes from the vaginal walls, you’ll want to experiment with width. Do this by inserting an extra finger or two into the vagina or try a sex toy with some extra girth.

To stimulate the A-spot, focus the pressure on the front wall of the vagina while sliding your fingers or toy in and out. Stick with the pressure and motion that feels the best and let the pleasure mount.

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Recommended items for Internal orgasmists

You can’t learn the internal orgasm in a day or two, whether it’s the G-spot or Portio, but once you get a feel for it, many people get hooked on the orgasm.

The position of stimulation is different, but they are surprisingly suited to the same thing. The following three items are perfect for such an internal orgasm.

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Condoms

So, let’s take a look at each one!


A dildo is a rod-like imitation of male genitalia and is often very realistic. If you choose one with suction cups, you can practice positions such as cowgirl and Doggy Style.

The advantage of a dildo is that it is really just a penis-shaped object, so you can experiment with the strength and angle of your choice, and since the Portio is a particularly individual place, it’s great to be able to fine tune it. Of course, if you do a shallow insertion, you can also hit the G-spot.

Also, many of them are affordable because they don’t come with an electric function. If you choose a longer item, you can stimulate both of them sufficiently, so give the Internal orgasm development a try!


A vibrator is an electric vibrator that is inserted into the vagina and vibrates to bring you to orgasm. Like dildos, vibrators often resemble male genitalia, but more and more of them are becoming more accessible and stylish.

They have not only a vibration function, but also a swing function (rotating motion) and a piston function (up and down motion), which are perfect for stimulating the G-spot. There are also G-spot-specific ones that fit perfectly into the G-spot simply by being inserted.

The G-spot-specific models with a piston function will thrust the Portio and make you cum at the same time! It would be a good fit for the development of internal orgasm, right?

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Condoms are a familiar item, and many people use them on a regular basis. But in addition to contraception and prevention of STDs, condoms have many other functions that make them useful as sex toys!

If it comes with a warming gel, it will increase the sensitivity of insertion, and if it comes with a taste or scent, it will make sucking a pleasure. If you choose one with warts, the stimulation will be increased and you may be able to have an orgasm more easily.

When using a sex toy, a condom is essential for hygiene reasons. If you have to use one anyway, you can double the effectiveness of your sex toy if you choose one that matches the pleasure you seek! You could say that they are a bit of a behind-the-scenes guy.

A little bit of an abnormality might be nice

You may be thinking that you’re getting a little bored with normal sex and masturbation. If you have already developed your sexual organs and have used a whole range of items, then it is time to try a little bit of the abnormal.

In this section, I will discuss some of the items I recommend and explain what to expect in order to help you learn at least a little bit about anal play and SM play.

Anal toys

First, what is anal play? Simply put, it’s having sex with the anus instead of the vagina, or inserting things into the anus. The pleasure you get from anal play is immeasurable, and many people say it feels better than regular sex!

But, of course, the anus is not the place to perform insertions originally. Therefore, you need to follow the procedure carefully and slowly. You should expect it to take some time.

If you do such a process with your partner, a kind of solidarity may be created. When you reach the point of anal sex, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of release and accomplishment!

There are a wide range of anal items, from anal plugs to gradually expand the hole, anal dildos to enjoy inserting and removing anal dildos, and anal vibrators that lead to orgasm.

Anal pleasure is felt more when you pull out the plug than when you insert it, so it is said to be similar to the sensation of vomiting. Because of its nature, there are many items that are quite unique in shape.

With so many different types, there must be an item that interests you! Please check it out.

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S&M Toys

Many people may have heard of SM play, but have a negative image of it, such as painful or scary. But SM = never hurt!

SM is profoundly and rightly called BDSM. There’s so much background here that I can’t talk about it, but soft SM is at least not an intense, painful play. It could be something that could spice things up a bit for the two of you.

Rather, it enjoys the sensation of being rushed impatiently. There are many things that speak to the psyche, such as satisfying the need for control.

Try playing blindfolded first, or items that can capture those sensations, such as restraints. If your vision is blocked or your limbs cannot move freely, it will stimulate a desire for dominance, and if you are being restrained, it will stimulate a sense of shame.

It also helps to try lightly spanking your buttocks or pulling your hair at a level that doesn’t actually hurt, for example. Just trying to have sex in a submissive setting, such as roleplaying master and slave, can also change things.

BDSM is about spiritual fulfillment based on trust in each other, and it can be an opportunity for both of you to become aware of your new sexual habits. Try something simple and easy.

If you are interested in giving BDSM a try, there are some great ways to get started. There are a number of “light” BDSM practices that can be a good starting point for beginners, including such things as:

-Hair pulling
-Light spanking
-Scarf or tie bondage

For more intense forms of erotic play, many experts suggest taking a class, reading a book, or watching instructional videos. Some practices can be And, as previously mentioned, BDSM activities need to be carefully pre-negotiated so that they are not dangerous and lead to injury without taking proper precautions. That each party understands what will happen.

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Were there any items of interest?

What did you think? Did you find any items that you are interested in or want to buy more of? If you’re always using the same thing, or masturbating with the same erogenous zones, then I urge you to venture into new territory!

If you can develop areas that you have not developed before, it will help you to prevent and break the rut during sex. Try every item you can find to make the most of masturbation and also to make it feel better.