I am sure that there are many people who have never felt orgasms, or who have no idea what orgasms are. For those who have never experienced an orgasm, the sensation of orgasm is completely unknown to them, and they tend to think that it is difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, you too can feel orgasms! Here.

  • Female orgasm is 0 times more common among women than men.
  • What is female orgasm?
  • You’ve never had an orgasm?
  • Let’s develop it.
  • Recommended goods for people who want to have an outside orgasm
  • Recommended goods for people who want to have an inside orgasm

The following is a brief introduction to the subject. Female orgasm is said to feel better than male ejaculation. Learn more about the different types of orgasms, how to feel them, and how to feel them, and try to experience an orgasm yourself.

Female Orgasms are 00 times more common than male orgasms

Oh my gosh, it’s said that the orgasms felt by women are about 10 times greater than those felt by men! Although men are generally associated with a stronger sex drive, many women are also captivated by the pleasure of orgasm when they learn about it.

And if you’re going to have sex, don’t you want to experience a pleasure that’s ten times greater than that of a man? It would be too wasteful not to know.

What is female orgasm?

There are two main types of female orgasms: the outside orgasm, which is felt by stimulating the clitoris, and the inside orgasm, which is felt by stimulating the G-spot and portio. The place where they are stimulated is different, and the pleasant sensation they feel is completely different! I’m going to explain the fine differences!

OUTSIDE ORGASM felt on the clitoris

The outside orgasm felt by the clitoris is often compared to a momentary fireworks or an electric current. It is said that it is a sensation like a thing that comes to you all at once dissipates in a flash. For those who have never experienced it, you may not be able to understand it very well.

Please remember that it is something that comes in a short time and dissipates in a short time. The condition of the vagina is that it opens and closes and contracts repeatedly. There are some people who have spasms, and it is a very intense pleasure.

The clitoris is like a pink protrusion on the vagina. When it touches, it feels a stimulus and is a very sensitive part. The size of the clitoris varies from person to person, but it is about 5 to 7 mm in size. In fact, it is said to be a biological remnant of the penis, and it becomes hard and swollen by stimulation. When it becomes excited by stimulation, it swells up red.

It is the so-called erection in men, and many people may be surprised to know that women also have it. And the reason why it is so sensitive is that the nerves that exist throughout the penis are gathered in the clitoris, which is a few millimeters long. That’s over 8,000 of them! You can see that the pleasure on the clitoris can be quite stimulating!

Inside orgasm in the G-spot

The pleasure you feel in the G-spot is known as INSIDE ORGASMS. It becomes warm from the inside, and it is often said that a big wave rushes in. The feature is that the pleasant sensation spreads slowly and gradually throughout the whole body unlike the pleasant sensation that runs up at a stretch like the clitoris. There are many people who say that they like inside orgasm more than outside orgasm because it is a soft pleasant feeling.

Some people say that their whole body relaxes at the moment of orgasm and their mind goes blank. It is said that the duration of the pleasure is longer than outside orgasm. Therefore, there is no end to the number of people who are addicted to it.

The G-spot is a spot (place) as the name implies, which is often located 2-3 cm from the vulva. The average size of a coin is about the size of a coin, but it is not as clear-cut as the clitoris, so it varies quite a bit from person to person.

To find it, lie down on your back and insert your middle finger into the vagina with the palm of your hand up. Try bending the belly of your fingers at the first joint around where the second joint of your middle finger enters and move it from side to side with the image of gently rubbing it, do you see any indentations or rough spots? If you have one, it is the G-spot.

Initially, if you continue to stimulate it, it is often felt as a urge to urinate or discomfort. But over time, stimulation will gradually turn into a pleasant sensation. If you stimulate heavily and the amount of wetness increases, you are being sought out.

Inside orgasm felt in portio

The inside orgasm felt in portio is said to be an even deeper and longer pleasure than the stimulation at the G-spot, also known as the inside orgasm. It’s said that the pleasure rushes around the waist, and it doesn’t stop at the vagina and waist alone, but extends from the top of your head to the tips of your feet!

The orgasm you feel with portio also releases oxytocin, a hormone that increases your sense of well-being. The amazing thing is the duration, the orgasms you get with portio are said to last even longer than the G-spot, a whopping several minutes!

And the biggest difference from the pleasure in the clitoris and the G-spot is that it is possible to do orgasm many times in a row. It is said that the wave of the pleasure surges one after another, and it is possible to feel the pleasure to the extent that it faints. It is amazing.

The portio is such a portio, but it is the part of the uterus that exists at the entrance of the uterus, where the uterus juts out. When you insert your middle finger into the vagina, if there is a lump at the back of the vagina or an irritating sensation at the end of the vagina, it is a portio. This texture will vary from person to person, but it will obviously be different from the surrounding area. However, since the uterus is far from the vagina, a woman’s fingers may not be able to reach it. Use a man’s help or a sex toy to get the best out of it.

Have you ever had an orgasm?

I think many women have never felt an orgasm before. There’s nothing strange about it, as you often have to develop your sexual organs to feel them. It’s the same for everyone in the beginning. On the contrary, if you develop them, you will be able to feel orgasms too!

0% of women have never had an orgasm!

A whopping 40% of women have never had an orgasm. Isn’t that a pretty high number? Of course, it is the younger generation that tightens up most of them. The cause, again, is that they don’t know their sexuality. Even if you do know them, they are often not developed. As you get older, the percentage of people who develop them increases, so their numbers go down.

If you don’t develop it, it’s hard to have an orgasm

As mentioned above, the development of the sexual zones is essential to feel orgasms. The clitoris is located outside of the body and may be developed unconsciously, but the G-spot and portio are rarely developed naturally because they are located in places that are not usually seen. Therefore, it is necessary to do it spontaneously.

In addition, many people stimulate the clitoris from childhood because it feels good. However, the major masturbation methods such as showering, a bicycle chair, and the corner of a desk are far from the stimulation that is usually used during sex. If you are accustomed to such masturbation methods, you will not be able to come during sex. In order to correct the wrong masturbation method, learn the correct procedure.

Let’s develop

So now we’re going to go over the specifics of the development process! As with any sexual zone, gentle pressure and fine vibrations should be applied. It is important to maintain a certain rhythm. You can do this with your fingers, but the recommended method is to use a sex toy.

Sex toys are designed to help you have an orgasm, so you are sure to have an orgasm. Sex toys can also increase the rate of orgasms during actual sex, since sex toys are a stimulus to which you are accustomed.

Sex toys can also be used to prevent or eliminate sex rutting. Let’s use them in a positive way!

Masturbating with sex toys is a great way to learn how to please yourself.
“They allow our bodies to experience different sensations that we may not be able to create with our hands alone,” explains Erica Smith, sex educator. “For People with vulvas, vibrating toys can be the difference between achieving orgasm or not, and there is absolutely no shame in needing a vibrator in order to experience orgasm.”

The Best Sex Toys To Help You Masturbate

Goods recommended for people who want to do outside orgasm

Because the clitoris is more sensitive than the vagina, outside orgasm is relatively easier to learn than inside orgasm. From here, we will mainly discuss items that are easy to stimulate the clitoris.


A rotor is an oval or egg-shaped item that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. A built-in motor causes vibrations and stimulation. It is mainly used for clitoral stimulation.

It is very popular among beginners because it is small, inexpensive, and not too noisy. It is very popular among beginners because it is small, cheap, and not too noisy.

Magic wand

Magic wand stands for electric massager, which is a stick-shaped handheld item with a large round rubber tip. This one also provides stimulation through vibration. Since it was originally a handy massager for home use, many of them are large in size and have strong vibrations.

They stimulate the clitoris and genitalia in general, and since the stimulation is strong, it is easy to have an orgasm. Moreover, it is simple to use, so it is easy to start using it, just like the rotor.

Since the strength of the vibration can be chosen and the size of the relatively small one is sold, it is easy to find the one that suits you. You should definitely check them out.

Buy Magic wand in India


Lotions are a slimy liquid and are an essential aid for women who have trouble getting wet due to their lubricating properties. However, lotions are also excellent sex toys, and there is a wide variety of them with a warming function, scented and flavored.

When stimulating the clitoris with a finger, the presence or absence of this lotion will completely change the sensitivity. Also, it is convenient to have it in a set with goods when using it. The price is not so high, so it is an item that must have one.

Goods recommended for people who want to do inside orgasm

Now that I can do the outside orgasm, I want to try the inside orgasm! Of course, when it comes to inside orgasm, the item to be inserted into the vagina is the mainstream item, so it is important to choose the size and material that is suitable for you.


A vibrator is the abbreviation for electric vibrator, which is inserted into the vagina. There are various kinds of vibrators that imitate the shape of male genitalia, such as the head and the Corona of Glans penis, and there are many variations in size and thickness.

It is recommended for people who want to do inside orgasm at the G-spot.


A dildo is an item that imitates male genitalia, and can be inserted into the vagina or anus to get pleasure. So you will be able to find one that you like.

Most of them are equipped with suction cups and can be fixed to the floor or wall and used in any way you like. This is a good way to develop a portio because you can poke it at a precise place and stimulate it at any angle and with any intensity you like. The advantage is that there will be no gap between this and actual sex.


You may have used condoms before. I don’t have to tell you, but it’s a contraceptive device that you put over your male organ. Will it be a sex toy? There are many types of condoms available.

There are many kinds of condoms, from those with warts and ribbed protrusions to those with a warming function and flavors to stimulate the outside of the vagina. The stimulation to the vagina is preeminent if it is used in combination with a condom with a projection and a lotion with a warming function. When you use a sex toy, a condom is indispensable, so you can give stimulation in addition like this.

For more information on how to handle sex toys, please click here.


Did you enjoy it? Female orgasm may seem difficult to achieve, but once you develop it correctly and learn it, it will be easy to achieve after the final stage! Do your best to develop your sex life for the better!