Even if you want to use sex toys, you don’t know what kind of sex toys there are, right?

Especially if you are a first-time user, it is natural that you do not want to fail in item selection.

There are different types of sex toys, depending on the part you want to use, the purpose, and the purpose. In this article you will understand:

・10 recommended sex toys for beginners
What is a women’s sex toy?
・Kinds of sex toys for women
・The appeal of sex toys for women

will be introduced. Let’s work together to find out what suits you and what you need.

What is a women’s sex toy?

First of all, a sex toy is an item used to get more pleasure when you masturbate or have sex.

Do you ever masturbate by yourself? Some of you may be doing this mainly with your hands, but sex toys can give you movements and strength that you can’t produce on your own.

You can feel stronger orgasms, or even practice orgasming if you’ve never orgasmed in the first place for women who have never orgasmed before. Since the feeling of coming is something to be learned, the probability of orgasm during actual sex increases if you can come from masturbation.

Also, if you use it during sex, it can help you break out of a rut, get to know each other’s sexual proclivities, and turn into a bonding experience.

10 recommended sex toys for beginners

New Skeleton Rotor clear

This is an item that stimulates the clitoris, but the vibrations are not too strong, so it is recommended for people who are new to sex toys. The design is simple and easy to pick up.

Recommended points

・ Anyway simple
・ For beginners
・ The color is cute and easy to carry

Fairy Vibrator

The Fairy Vibrator is the most famous massager in Japan, and it provides reliable stimulation.
Because of its wide range of stimulation, it is recommended for those who like external orgasms.

Recommended points

・ Reliable because it is well known
・ Since the stimulation is strong, it is easy to feel orgasm
・ Can be used with a partner

Cuchu Sticky Nachu

The compact size of the Cuchu Sticky Nachu makes it easy to insert, even for those who are new to sex toys.
The Cuchu Sticky Nachu is quiet to use and has seven different vibration functions to choose from, making it very practical.

Recommended points

・ Shape that easily hits the erogenous zone
・ For people who are afraid of large size
・ Since the sound is quiet, people cannot find it.

KamaSutra Dotted 12

This condom has a hard texture. The protrusions on the surface give the vagina a good amount of stimulation.
They are very inexpensive and come in a pack of 12, so they are a good value item to have.

Recommended points

・ Easy to buy at a great price
・ With protrusions recommended for people who are hard to feel
・ Recommended for people whose partners are premature ejaculation

Realistic dildo 5in

This is a very realistic looking dildo, and it is safe to say that it is the same size as the average Indian man’s penis.
It comes with suction cups so you can practice different positions.

Recommended points

・ Because it is an average size, it is difficult to create a gap
・ Since it has a suction cup, it can also be used for posture practice.
・ Materials that are just right for dildo debut

Spiral Rabbit Vibe

A vibrator with a unique visual. It is long, but flexible, and will allow for smooth insertion. The speed can be adjusted, and it has a protrusion that stimulates the clitoris.

Recommended points

・ Very flexible
・ Design that can stimulate three points at the same time
・ Vibration function can also be adjusted

My caiman

This giant dildo is very popular in Japan. It is about 9 inches long, so if you are used to a big penis, you will get a very strong pleasure from it. It comes with a suction cup.

Recommended points

・ For those who want a large size anyway
・ Convenient when using because it has a suction cup
・ High recall rate and a real feeling

Durex Taste me – Apple

This is the apple flavored version of the famous Durex condoms. It’s just like the real thing, so women who are not good at oral sex may be able to enjoy it by using this.

Recommended points

・ Safe and secure Durex products
・ It tastes like a real apple, so it’s delicious.
・ For people who are not good at oral sex

Bullet vibe silver

It is a very small item and easy to carry around. It can be used to stimulate the clitoris directly, and the powerful vibrations may help you to have an orgasm soon.

Recommended points

・ Size that can be carried anywhere
・ Because it is small, it is easy to stimulate the place you want to hit
・ It looks natural so you don’t have to worry about where to put it.

Fing Vibe

This is a great item to try if you are still afraid of full-fledged sex toys. It is perfect for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
Just by attaching it to your finger, you can turn your usual foreplay into something exciting.

Recommended points

・ It’s really easy because you just put it on your finger
・ Easy to challenge people who want to use with partners
・Since it can be worn directly with a finger, stimulation is accurate

Kinds of sex toys for women

There are many different types of sex toys, from single sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, and Magic Wand Vibrators to two sex toys such as harness dildos, penis bands, and condoms.

Let me explain each of them and how to use them.


A vibrator is a sex toy for women, commonly known as a vibrator, that can be inserted into the vagina.

Many of them have a piston (up and down movement) or swinging function, which allows you to enjoy simulated sex. To prevent infections, it is better to wear a condom and use a lube for better sliding.

A vibrator is a sex toy that — wait for it — vibrates! While it’s usually used externally on the clitoris or penis, it can also be used internally in the vagina or in the anus. Many women find using a vibrator during masturbation to be the easiest way to climax.



A dildo is a sex toy that mimics the shape of a man’s penis and, like a vibrator, is inserted into a woman’s vagina. The difference between dildos and vibrators is that they are not automatic, so you can find your sexual area at any angle and intensity you like.

Since most of them have suction cups, they can be fixed to the floor or wall. Many of them are very realistic and you can enjoy the feeling as if you are really having sex.

ICYWW, dildos are qualified as a dildo if they’re “anything vaguely phallic shaped that is meant to simulate penile penetration,” she says.

Your Guide to the 12 Main Types of Sex Toys

Magic Wand Vibrators

This item is mainly used to stimulate the female genitalia in general and the clitoris in particular with vibrations to make it feel good.

Most of them are stick type with a round rubber head and a motor in it, but there are also some that have a special shape. The overall strength of the vibrations is stronger than that of a vibrator and the range of stimulation is wider, so orgasm is immediately possible. This item is perfect for beginners who want to know what it feels like to orgasm outside.

With their large motors, wands tend to vibrate at lower frequencies than many other toys, producing rumbly (or resonant) vibes as opposed to buzzy ones.

29 of the Most Powerful Wand Vibrators You Can Buy Online

Harness Dildo Penis Band (Peni-Ban)

A harnessed dildo and a penis band are almost synonyms for an item that can be used to hold a dildo to your waist and play with it as if it were really growing out of it.

They are mainly used as an aid for men with ED (inserted into a hollowed-out dildo) or for women to perform penetration.

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Condoms actually come in a variety of materials. There are three main types: latex, polyurethane and isoprene rubber, and each has its own unique characteristics.

Also, let’s pay attention not only to the materials but also to the functional aspects such as those with warmth and coldness functions, scents, flavors, and gels.

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The appeal of sex toys for women

The beauty of sex toys for women is that you can find your own sexual zones.If you can’t orgasm during sex, it is possible that the man you are having sex with may not be good enough, but it is also very possible that he doesn’t know his sexual zones.

If you know your pressure points, your demands will be easier to support, and your sex life will be improved. When you masturbate, you will be able to notice your sexual zones that you couldn’t find with your hands alone. Having an orgasm is also very important for balancing your hormones. Masturbate properly for your beauty and health.


That’s all about women’s sex toys. Did you get a sense of what’s right for you? Please take a look at the toy debut.

With the tips and cautions for each item, you’ll come across the perfect item!