What image do you have of the word “sextoy”?
I’m interested in it, but I don’t know what it’s all about and I’m a little scared. I don’t know what will change with it, what if I’m no longer happy with him! I’d rather have trouble with him wanting to use it…etc…I think it really depends on the person.

But our encounter with sex toys has a lot to do with improving our sex life. If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably more interested in knowing what it’s all about than you were when you didn’t know it existed.

You can use it alone, or you can use it with two people. Or even three people. Get the right knowledge and enjoy a better sex life!
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What is a sex toy?

These are what are called adult toys, and there are many different types and uses for them. Vibrators and Magic Wand Vibrators are famous, so you may hear about them a lot.
You may have seen them available at some love hotels. Using these well can make it easier to have an orgasm or, if you have a specific partner, discover a new side to each other and prevent you from getting into a rut.

Toys range from those used by men alone, to those used by women alone, to those used by heterosexual and same-sex couples.
They range from the light ones that visually excite and excite to the slightly abnormal ones. There are special shops and many mail order sites, so many of them are relatively easy to find.

My personal recommendation is to use them alone to increase your sensitivity. If you don’t have a boyfriend right now, why don’t you improve yourself for your future boyfriend while you still can?
Of course, it’s not just for the sake of your partner, the main goal is to make you like sex more. If you orgasm, you want to feel better! We will support you in your honest desire to be honest.
Let’s take a look at the different types of sex toys together.

Kinds of sex toys

I understand the importance of it, but what kind is it?
Even though sex toys are generally referred to as sex toys, their uses are completely different, so we’d like to introduce them in 10 different categories this time.

ANAL toys
Toys for BDSM
Cock ring
Male masturbator.
Magic Wand Vibrators
Sex Lubricant
fleshlight girl

I don’t even know your name! If you are not interested in this product, please choose it according to the place and situation you want to use it.
I’m interested in the buttocks -> anal
Interested in painful, painful play -> BDSM
I’m having trouble with my boyfriend’s staying power, etc. -> Cockling
To learn more about the sub-items used during intercourse -> Condoms, Sex Lubricant
I’m interested in toys to use when I’m alone or with him -> Dildo, Magic Wand Vibrators, Vibrators
I want to know about products for men -> male masturbator, fleshlight girl

anal toy

Inserting a toy or male organ into your butt hole is called ANAL play. It sounds like a difficult thing to develop, doesn’t it?
It is better to get used to it, starting with the fingers, then the toys, and then the male organ, in that order. Use a special finger sack to insert your fingers.
Condoms can be used as a substitute, but a finger sack is a stronger and safer fit. There are two areas that feel good to be stimulated, the sigmoid colon for women and the prostate for men.
Mainly by continuing to stimulate that area, you can get pleasure from it. Sex Lubricant is also a must. Unlike the vagina, it doesn’t get wet, so if you do it without anything else, you may get hurt. It also makes it slippery and makes it easier to insert.

There are anal beads and anal vibes as the major types of toys.
Anal beads … The sight of a series of balls coming out of a hole may come to many people’s mind, don’t you think?
There are various types of anal vibes ranging from soft ones made of silicone, rubber and latex to hard ones made of plastic, glass and metal.
Anal vibrators…Magic Wand Vibrators and rotors (see links below)…it’s easy to understand if you think of them as buttocks.
There are long and slender stick type, electric type that moves as a whole, prostate type that you can feel the movement inside, and plug type.
The plug type is not used for play but for daily use to extend the prostate.


BDSM stands for sadism and masochism, and I’m sure we’ve all heard of it at one time or another.
In simple terms, sadism is the side that wants to inflict pain. Masochism is the side that wants to be inflicted, S or M? You may not know which one you are, or you may say “I’m probably an S” or “I’m probably an M”. If you are not sure which one you are, or if you think you are an S or an M, you should not start from the beginning with a high level of difficulty, but gradually raise the level of the game.

Some of the most readily available toys include eye masks, manacles, shackles, shackles, collars, muzzles, and whips.
Eye masks: Eye masks can completely block your opponent’s vision, so the attacker can feel a sense of conquest. In addition, since the person who wears it is also in a state of being done as it is done, each movement of the mask becomes a pleasant sensation.
Shackles, shackles … the attacker’s movements can be restricted, which will also satisfy the desire to conquer. The person being shackled can feel a sense of elation at the fact that he or she cannot move
Manacle … This is a manacle that you can’t close by putting a ball-shaped object in your mouth. The visual appearance alone is exciting. It is not possible to swallow saliva and drooling is the only option, so the person who wears it can feel very humiliated.
A collar … The one wearing it will feel humiliated, and the one wearing it will feel a sense of control. Collar : You can use it in various scenes such as walking play and neglect play.
Whip・・・The whip lets you beat your partner to see him/her in pain and hear his/her voice of pain. The person being beaten will of course feel pain. It would be a blissful item for those who can turn pain into pleasure.
Many things that can be restrained or done, such as eye masks, handcuffs, and collars, are easy to start with.

Cock rings

Many of you may have never heard the term cockling before.
I know that there are some people who know about it, but it’s not my problem. However, it never hurts to know what’s going on with men’s erections, too. As it turns out, it’s a direct link to how good it feels!
A cock ring is a ring attached to a man’s penis or sometimes to his scrotum. It is often used to temporarily stop the flow of blood to improve erection or to have sex for longer periods of time.
The effectiveness of the product will vary depending on where it is applied, but unless it is very serious, it is recommended to apply it at the base.
There are different types of condoms for different purposes, such as erectile maintenance, fashion, BDSM, and erectile assistance, so choose the one that best suits your needs.


Condoms are already a familiar item to many of you. It is a contraceptive made of a thin film of latex rubber or polyurethane, called isoprene rubber.
They are essential not only for avoiding unwanted pregnancies, but also for preventing sexually transmitted diseases, so it’s good to know more about them.

Here we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each material.
Latex – This is the most standard material and comes in a wide range of sizes, from 0.12 to 0.03 mm, depending on the product. Latex … rubbery … some people may have an allergic reaction or intercourse pain.
Polyurethane – Many of the products are thin and easy to feel. They don’t smell or cause allergic reactions. But they have low elasticity, are hard to get used to, and are expensive.
Isoprene lover… Good elasticity, a wide range of sizes, and easy to wear. It is easy to get used to, and there is no smell. The only drawback is that it’s not in stores. At the moment, the only way to get it is online, and the price is relatively high.

What do you think? I think both you and your partner will have different preferences for the rubber, so it’s fun to find a match.
Personally, I don’t want them to be soft and thin. Try them a lot and find your favorite.


A dildo is a sex toy that is shaped like a male organ that looks like a sock. Most of them have suction cups and are fixed to the wall or floor, but there are some that do not.
Compared to a vibrator or a rotor, many people may think that this is a high hurdle to overcome.
However, dildos are relatively inexpensive compared to the aforementioned two, and they have a very wide range of uses. Many of them look and feel like the real thing, and they can be used for practicing cowgirl position or vaginal training. It is also a perfect item for self-development in masturbation.

There are some with a vibrator or with a piston function, but we recommend you to start with a standard model for the first time.
For those who feel embarrassed to have a dildo that is too real, recently there are a lot of cute colored dildos and dildos that are not recognizable as dildos at first glance.
Harnessed ones can also be used as a penis band for women to use as a replacement for their male genitalia. They can be a great answer to the needs of lesbian couples and men who want to be attacked by a woman.

male masturbator

Male masturbator… It’s a bit embarrassing to say, isn’t it? It is an abbreviation for “male masturbator”, which is a sex toy in the shape of a woman’s vagina.
There are various types of sex toys, such as the penetration type with an open insertion opening and tip, the non-penetration type with a complete female genitalia, and the one that reproduces the sensation of being sucked by a man.
There are also disposable cup types and pocket types, which are relatively cheap. What is surprising is that there are even motorized types that allow you to experience simulated sex.
You can choose from a wide range of materials and inner diameters, such as yurts and joints, to meet your needs. There are a lot of goods that feel better than a real human being, and even as I write this, I’m starting to break out in a cold sweat. The importance of vaginal training is sobering to me.
However, as a matter of course, you will always need a Sex Lubricant when using it, as it is not raw and will not get wet naturally. This is one of the points where we can win for sure.

Magic Wand Vibrators

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the most readily available sex toy.
Magic Wand Vibrators stands for Electric Massager, which is originally used for home and medical use. Even when your family, friends, or boyfriend finds them, “I have a bad shoulder! This is a great way to debut the goods because you can get away with it.

First of all, you can try to apply it on top of your underwear, and once you get used to it, you can use it with your boyfriend, and some of them are attached to the head part, so they can be used for a wide range of purposes.
So, let’s take a look at what kind of products are available.
The handheld type… Isn’t this the most common type you see? It’s a stick-shaped device with a rubber head.
This is the most natural excuse for a shoulder massage device. Compared to the handy type, the vibration is weaker and the speed is slower.
There are also special types of tapping machines. Corded, battery-powered, and USB charging types are also available, and they are related to the strength of the vibrations.
Take into account the strength of vibration, pattern and size to find the item that suits you.

Sex Lubricant

Have you ever used Sex Lubricant?
If you’re an occasional user of sex toys during intercourse with him… let’s get more knowledgeable about them, as they are essential when using sex toys.
First of all, Sex Lubricant is a viscous and lubricating liquid that helps to reduce friction. It is sometimes used to enhance caressing, to increase the effect of caressing, to enhance the effectiveness of paisley and bare thighs, and is sometimes used in cases where natural moistening is difficult to achieve.

Each ingredient has its own characteristics, so it is recommended to use differently depending on the application.
Sodium polyacrylate … It is inexpensive and has a slimy feel. It is recommended for mat sex.
Because it absorbs moisture from the skin, it is not suitable for long term use.
Glycerin and hydroxyethyl cellulose…Smooth and easy to wash off.
Glycerin and hydroxyethylcellulose…It is close to body fluids and is gentle to the body, so it is suitable for insertion.
Oil … It is recommended to play for a long time because it is vegetable-based and does not dry easily.
However, you can’t use it with rubber condoms because of its nature. It will melt.
Silicone … It’s not too sticky and is easy to use.
However, you can’t use it together with silicone condoms. They will be deformed.
Understand the characteristics of each and choose Sex Lubricant safely!


What makes vibrators different from Magic Wand Vibrators and rotors? Many people think that this is a good idea.
Simply put, the top two are stimulated from the outside, and the vibrator is a sex toy that is inserted into the vagina. Basically, most of them are shaped like male genitalia, but more and more stylish looking ones are becoming available. Also, unlike dildos, some of them vibrate and have a function that allows for piston movement.

Then, I will introduce the main types and features.
Single-stick vibe: It is a thick stick shape and is excellent at making a piston movement. It is easy to move it up and down and left and right, so it is suitable for development.
The one with a clitoral vibe・・・The mainstream one, and it is recommended for the person who comes more easily in the clitoris, or who cannot come only in the vagina.
IC built-in vibes・・・The IC function is installed, and it specializes in the swell.
Human skin type vibes… If you put it in, let’s stick to the material. There are mainly silicone materials, but there are also PCV that feels like gummy bears and elastomers that are softer.
Extra thick vibrators… These are mainly used in BDSM sex and are mostly larger than a real man. If you are not satisfied with your boyfriend’s, we recommend you to use one.

At first, it is better to have a vibrating vibrator that you can choose from many kinds of vibrations in a reasonable size. You’ll gradually find out what you feel comfortable with, so when you do, you should definitely step into the more advanced products.

fleshlight girl

When you hear about fleshlight girls, you often hear about movies that are based on the subject. It’s a doll that is closer to a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy for sexual purposes.
It’s a little different from Dutchwife, which is more closely resembling a real woman. Modern technology can make them look and feel so realistic that they are indistinguishable from the real thing.
The prices range from cheap to expensive, and there are even some dolls that cost over 1 million yen… It’s amazing, isn’t it?
My recommendation for a doll is Yui by RXR. This company has a proven track record of creating dolls for Hollywood movie props, and they are all so visually stunning that you can’t help but fall in love with them, as they could be mistaken for real people. You can choose the hair style, skin color, eye color, genitalia color and even nail polish from a custom-made formula, so much so that even I, a woman, would want one.

How to choose a sex toy

So, everyone, what have you read so far?

I’m sure there are things that range from “this is interesting” to “this is unbelievable”. I hope that you have some kind of understanding of what you want to achieve, what is right for you, and where to start.

The points you should focus on as a criterion for your choice are
Size….unreasonable size or do you want more stimulation again?
Material… soft or hard, warm or chilly.
Price: We recommend starting with something affordable. But the more you pursue, the higher the price range will be.
Purpose: This is the first one. Will you use it alone or with others?
Take your time and find the sex toy that’s right for you.

What to look out for in a sex toy

We’ve talked about all the benefits, but there are some things to keep in mind. The genitals are very sensitive areas and must be handled carefully.
It is necessary to wash it after every use, keep it clean and away from other objects when storing it, and depending on the object, use rubber or Sex Lubricant correctly to prevent bacteria from growing and damaging it.
There is no danger if you treat them properly. Make sure you read the instructions and have the basics in mind!

Sextoy’s Summary

Now that you’ve read to the end, I’m sure you’re itching to get your hands on a sex toy as soon as possible.
But I also understand the embarrassment of having to go out and buy one, and what to do if someone finds out you’ve bought one. In the beginning, I was so cold at the same time that I couldn’t even take the time to pick out the goods, just in case I met someone I knew.
That’s when I came across the mail order for adults. The items are categorized by type, so you can find what you want for sure.
In addition, the other party is a professional, so the packaging will not be noticed. To find the right one for you, it is important to choose carefully, so please make it one of your options.

It’s embarrassing to use a sex toy…those days are gone. It’s never a bad thing to be sexually open, even for women.
It’s a good idea to have a better sex life for yourself and for the man you love. I hope you find your favorites and enjoy the best time you have.