Good to know! Techniques of Sex Positions for Women

If you’re reading this while thinking “I want to hone my sex techniques as a woman”, I can see that you’re either very much in love with your partner, or you’re a woman who is very ambitious about sex. As long as you have that mindset, your technique will certainly improve, so let’s keep working together! Some people might think, “I’m not sure what to do when I have sex with him”, or “Is there anything for the woman to do in the first place?”. Some of you may be wondering what to do. If you find these comments relatable, maybe you’re not taking control of your sex enough. But it’s easy to make a difference. The topics covered here are:

-The benefits of women improving their sex technique
-What you can do in addition to your regular routine
-About the Kamasutra position

And so many other ways to make your partner feel good and make yourself feel good too! Please read on.

Can women be bad or good in bed too?

First of all, women can also be good and bad at sex. Sex techniques are often blamed only on men, but if you can’t feel an orgasm, for example, the cause is not necessarily on the man’s side. Of course, if the man is a skilled technician, the woman may be able to feel an orgasm, but even if the man is of normal skill, it is up to you to get the pleasure! How can you get him on board and how can you have sex with him? A woman who is said to be good at this is able to clear these issues and make him feel good.

When a woman is good at sex, it makes it easier for a man to feel it. The more they get into the mood, the more motivated the men become, and then, strangely enough, they become better at it too. It’s frustrating to realize but woman who leaves everything on the man, might be taken as a boring sex partner, and it is hard to argue other wise. Brush up your own technique and get rid of that image!

The Benefits of Women improving her Technique

There are a number of benefits for women to improve their technique. First of all, it pleases the man you love. Many of you reading this are probably reading this because your purpose is to please your partner. If the girl he loves becomes good at sex and is very compatible with you, he won’t let you go at easily. He won’t have to worry about you cheating on him unnecessarily, will he? Women’s techniques are useful in maintaining a good relationship between you and your partner.

More importantly, it makes you feel good

And the most important thing I want to tell you is that it changes your pleasure by an order of magnitude more than anything else. This is the biggest benefit of all. We often say that sex is communication, but in actual communication, a favorable attitude often comes back with a favorable attitude in answer. On the other hand, a slight work attitude will result in a response which reflects that. It’s the same with sex; if you try to do your best, they’ll do their best too. Let’s make each other feel good! It’s wonderful to think that what you think is a good thing is also a good thing for your own pleasure.

A woman who is good in bed can’t be forgotten

This is a bit of a negative case, but let’s say you both choose to go your separate ways. What if you were more compatible with sex than the next woman? He’ll miss you. He may even want to come back. Regardless of how you feel about him, it’s nice to have one person in the world that you can’t forget. It makes you feel more confident as a woman. Let’s have sex with each other more and more so that we can never forget you again.

Effective for ending sexlessness

If you are currently in a sex rut with him. Or even if he’s stuck in a rut with you, improving your technique can be very effective. He will be very happy to see you become a different person, and he will be happy to see you become more aggressive. If you are both satisfied with your sex life and feel comfortable with it, then you will be able to return to the relationship that you had when you first started dating, and now is the time to work hard so that you can find your passion again.

Start with adding slight variation

So now, let’s finally talk about the technical side of things. It’s sad if you can’t do a difficult position when you first try it. Above all, difficult does not mean pleasant. Let’s start by learning some techniques that you can add to your normal, familiar play.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is probably the position you do most often. That’s why it’s easy to get people to notice the difference between them and the usual with a little effort! After the foreplay is over, when it’s time for penetration, take his penis from you and guide it. Then, she puts the base of his penis between her index and middle fingers. Your hand is shaped like a scissors. Visual excitement can be stirred up.

It is also good to raise your hips so that the hips become the M-shaped leg spread after insertion. First of all, float your hips a little after insertion and open your legs. You can balance your center of gravity, so lift your hips up from there. At this point, you are able to insert deeper than the normal missionary position, so from here, try standing on your toes with your M-shaped legs open. Put a pillow underneath your hips to help stabilize the position. It’s easier for your man to piston and reach deep into your body, so your sensitivity will increase.

The last technique you can use to finish in the missionary position. Raise your legs and put your ankles on his shoulders. Pull his upper body up and make him cover you. As he falls down, your legs will inevitably come closer to you, so you pinch his neck with your calf to finish him off. You can close the distance between you and him, and he can penetrate deep into you. Visually, it is very erotic.

Cowgirl position

The cowgirl position is the most dominant position for a woman to move in. The cowgirl position is the most dominant position in which a woman can move around, and because he can see her whole body in his field of vision, it is visually exciting. If you add a technique to that kind of cowgirl riding, he’ll definitely be happy with it!

From the cowgirl position, lift your hips directly from the cowgirl position and stand on your knees. If you put pressure on your lower abdomen, the vagina will cover up the male genitals. If you stand on your knees, have him lift his hips as well, since you both have some distance between you, it will be harder for him to pull out. This is a great way to show off your body’s curves, and he will be very happy to see you in this position.

The other technique you can use is when you are moving back and forth in the cowgirl position. When you move forward, float your hips a little bit, and when you move backwards, sit back down as if you were sinking deep into the ground. This creates a combination of forward and backward movements and up and down movements, which makes it look like you are riding a horse. Next, rotate the hips in a big circular motion. You don’t need to do any up and down motions in this exercise. Finally, repeat the same riding motion as before. You can try to lean back a bit. If you can tell him how you feel, he will be impressed. You can also find the point at which you feel yourself, so you are truly killing two birds with one stone.

Have you heard of the Kamasutra?

Now, have you ever heard of the Kamasutra? It’s an ancient Indian book of sexuality. In ancient India, “Dharma”, “Artha” and “Kama” were the three main purposes of life. In the second part of the Kama Sutra, there are a whopping 48 different sex positions that are explained. Here’s an in-depth look at four of them that you need to incorporate into your sex life! I’ve been doing those basic techniques I just mentioned for a long time now! If you are a person who is not a fan of this position, I would recommend trying this position, which is a little more difficult.

4 teachings of the Kamasutra

Side-by-side clasping position

This is the position where the man is lying side by side on the right side of the woman. The reason for this is that most people are right-handed, and this posture gives them the most freedom. This posture is not so much about seeking each other intensely as it is about being gentle and being sure of your love for each other.

This website showing more side position ,If u want to know that click here!

Congress of a cow

Bend forward as far as you can while standing and have him penetrate you from behind where your fingers touch your toes. Have him hold your hips firmly and keep them steady. Try to move your hips so that they hit deep inside you.

The Splitting of a bamboo

Ask him to straddle your leg as you insert his penis. Then, lift up the leg that isn’t straddled and place it on your partner’s shoulder or chest. You can penetrate deeply and it’s a stable position.

If you want to more The Splitting of a bamboo Click this site.

The swing

Have him lie down on the bed and get on top of him from behind. Continue to insert him in a backwards position. This is a great way to stimulate your clitoris and increase your sensitivity to the G-spot.

You can also rely on toys

If you’ve tried so far, you’re still not satisfied with his reaction, or you’re too embarrassed to do something on your own! If this is the case, then relying on sex toys may be the right thing to do. People have preferences, so if his point of excitement is an unusual feeling, it’s more important to create a big trigger than a small change. This is especially effective if you two have never used it before at all. Here I would like to introduce the egg-vibrators, Magic-wand vibrator and vibrators that are easy to try first.


A egg-vibrator is an item that has a small oval or egg-like shape. The motor in it vibrates violently and gives stimulation to the clitoris. It is recommended to beginners that the price is not too expensive, and it fits in the palm of your hand and it is not difficult to store it. The orgasm that you get by stimulating the clitoris is called “external come”, and even people who have never felt a good feeling can have an external come. He will love you, who looks more comfortable than ever before!

This is a very orthodox egg-vibrator. It looks cute and affordable, so you may want to consider this opportunity.

Magic-wand vibrator

Magic-wand vibrator is a shortened word for electric massager, which is in the form of a large, round rubber head part on a thin stick. A motor is built into the rubber, and it is an item that gives vibrations. This one also vibrates against the clitoris, but the big difference from the egg-vibrator is its power. Originally, it was a massager for home use to relax the shoulder and the back for the purpose of treatment, so many of them are large in size and have strong vibration. There are various kinds of massagers on the market these days, such as ones that fit in the palm of your hand, but basically, the stimulation is stronger than the egg-vibrator.

The most famous of the Magic-wand vibrator’s, the Fairy Magic-wand vibrator. The Fairy Magic-wand vibrator is the most famous of all the Magic-wand vibrators, and its origami-like feel will bring you to orgasm in no time!


A vibrator is an item in the shape of a male organ that is inserted into the vagina. In addition to vibrating, they have a piston (up and down motion) and swinging function (rotating motion). They range from those that look exactly like real male genitalia to those that are not recognizable as sex toys at first glance. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, from a single stick to a two-way clitoris stimulator. There are a variety of sizes available, so you might want to choose one that is suitable for you and your partner.

Soft silicone vibrator. The strong vibrations and lifelike penis are sure to lift your spirits.

Let’s put away the sense of shame

Last but not least, in your quest to improve your technique, let go of shame as much as possible. Quite frankly, men wouldn never hate a woman who is sexually active! If you are a woman you like, you will be even more pleased to see how strongly she wants you. Tell her how much you want to do more for her and how much you want to feel good about her, and she will accept it. I’m sure he will accept you.


We’ve talked about a lot of things, but the most important part of sex is the feelings. Be careful not to get so focused on the technical aspects that you neglect to express your affection. And please, please try out some of the suggestions in this article. I’m rooting for you to have a better sex life!