Many people are interested in BDSM, but don’t know where to start! There are many types of BDSM, both full-blown and softer sex that even beginners can do.

BDSM is not only full-blown sex, but also soft sex that can be done by beginners. In this section

  • What is BDSM?
  • Five soft BDSM tools that you can use right away.
  • Five real BDSM techniques using tools.
  • Sadists and masochists
  • It’s important to talk about it first.
  • It’s important to talk about it first. – And mental connection is key.
  • Safewords are a must!
  • Aftercare is a must!

In this section, we will provide you with useful information for your BDSM debut. Please read on.

What is BDSM?

To begin with, do you know what is BDSM? To put it crudely, B is for Bondage, captive status; D is for Discipline, discipline and corporal punishment.

S stands for sadism, the perpetrative tendency, and M stands for masochism, the oppressive tendency, which is the relationship between sadism and masochism.

Therefore, SM stands for sadism and masochism and refers to the relationship between aggression and oppression. So it’s either someone who wants to physically abuse or inflict emotional pain, or someone who wants to be so.

The master role (S) is called the top and the slave role (M) is called the bottom, and we call it the same in the BD part of BDSM. It’s a very established world.

Five soft BDSM tools that you can use right away.

BDSM play doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done with whatever is available to you. BDSM play is designed to be a spiritual fulfillment play.

If you are interested in BDSM play, but don’t want to get too comfortable with it, I would like to introduce you to a softer form of BDSM play that doesn’t require any tools at home.

In this article, I am going to introduce soft BDSM play without the use of household items or tools.


A blindfold can block your opponent’s view and make them feel you by your movements. Therefore, the blindfolded person can feel conquest.

Also, the blindfolded person becomes sensitive to your every movement, which makes him/her feel much more sensitive.

The senses of touch are sharpened, since vision is shut out of the five senses. The thrill of not knowing where you’re going to be touched is perfect for people with M tendencies.

Start by playing blindfolded with a towel in your house. All you have to do is put a long bath towel over your eyes and tie it behind your head. If you are new to BDSM, this is a good place to start.


Restraint is a great option for those with an M disposition, as it allows you to be left in a state where you can do what they do to you.

You can enjoy the feeling of being completely given over and controlled by your partner. It is also exciting for the person who is restraining you because he or she can take away your freedom and see that you are not resisting.

Try having your hands and feet tied with a tie. You can also tie them to the bed with their legs spread. If you are not able to move and are caressed, you will feel a lot more than usual because of your shame.

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Light spanking

A spanking is when you use your hands or tools to spank your partner. The most common type of spanking is using a hand or tool to hit the buttocks or other parts of the body. The act of being spanked can be exciting, and the pain can be pleasurable.

Also, some people are more excited by the sound than the pain, so ask your instructor to research ways to make a better sound.

In adult movies, men often slap women’s buttocks while inserting them in the backward position. This is also highly recommended. Every time you are stimulated, your vagina will tighten and the man will feel the pleasure.

Sexsual Role-playing

Role-playing is when you project yourself as, for example, a master and his dog. When you get used to role-playing, you can even go for a walk with the collar on.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you can establish a master-slave relationship, such as queen-slave or teacher-student. It might be a good idea to try out all kinds of patterns and find a relationship that sticks to your own sexual proclivities.


Biting sex may seem painful, but it can be very exciting if done with just the right amount of force. It is recommended to bite with enough force so that it does not hurt that much and you can get a sweet bite to teeth marks.

During sex, being bitten on the neck, ears, or for a little challenge, nipples can send shivers down your spine.

As you become more and more comfortable with biting, you will be able to get aroused by biting anywhere on your body, which will help you develop your sexual senses.

You can also get excited visually when you see your partner’s teeth marks on you. You can kill two birds with one stone.

Five real BDSM techniques using tools.

Here is an introduction to just a little bit of authentic BDSM play with tools. It’s a relatively major and easy to get to.

  • ropes
  • Nipple goods
  • whip
  • Gag Ball
  • Handcuffs.

are available. These are not painful, but rather items that can be mentally humiliated and subjected to, so they are easy for even beginners to incorporate into BDSM play.


Rope is a great option for couples who want to enjoy some serious bondage play. There are a number of different types of binding methods available, and many people get hooked on them the deeper they delve into them.

If you are too clumsy to tie it, there are restraints that are originally designed to restrain you, and simple bondage ropes that can be fastened with tape that does not leave a mark, so please have a look.

Nipple goods

Nipple goods are mainly recommended for couples who have a desire to focus on their nipples and be blamed. They are also good to have because many of them can be visually exciting.

There will be some pain involved, so you should be able to get excited by it. A nipple pump, especially one that uses pressure to suck up the nipple and make it enlarged, can kill two birds with one stone, as it also helps a lot with nipple development.


When you think of a whip, you feel like you’re suddenly on the threshold. However, we introduce here a type of whip called a rose whip, which distributes the pain.

When you use a single whip, you feel strong pain because the impact is concentrated on one point, but many people feel comfortable when they are lightly beaten by the rose whip.

You may want to try to get to know your new sexuality. Let’s start by getting spanked.

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Gag Ball

Gag balls are also known as fetters, which are mouth shackles that restrain a slave’s mouth. Do you often see a typical scene where a slave and a queen are forced to suck on a round ball to keep her mouth from closing? If it comes to mind, that’s exactly what it is.

While gag balls are easy to just hold in your mouth, they can be quite embarrassing looking.

Drooling will be dripping because your mouth can’t be closed, and many people are embarrassed by the state of your face because you’re in a large open mouth to begin with.

But that’s exactly what the state is, and that’s exactly what BDSM is. If you want to be humiliated or are interested in shame play, this is an easy and highly recommended item for you.

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Handcuffs are an item that will disable your hands and also lead to considerable visual excitement. Nowadays, there are many cute pink or decorated handcuffs to choose from, so you can choose the one that suits your partner’s tastes.

And unlike the alternatives, they won’t come off, so the tension will change.

Handcuffs are also versatile because they can be used in conjunction with other items. You can even tie the handcuffs to the bed as is.

You can also be stimulated with the above nipple items or whips while you are handcuffed. +It is an item that is useful for the additional purpose, so there is no harm in having one.

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Sadists and Masochists

After reading this far, don’t you think there are some things that can be applied to everyday sex? What do you want your partner to do, and what do you hate when they do it?

What do you want your partner to do? We unconsciously, if not softly, determine the role of BDSM on a daily basis.

Masochists derive pleasure from the infliction of pain, and sadists find pleasure in managing the pain of others.

However, you don’t have to decide exactly which one you are from the beginning; you can change it depending on the sex content, or switch it around depending on your mood.

The first thing you need to understand is that this is a world that is surprisingly familiar to you.

And as you try out different kinds of sex, it would be good if you realize that you are a sadist and a masochist!

It’s important to talk about it first

When most people hear the word SMsex, the first thing they may think is that it sounds painful. But it’s a big misconception that BDSM is just about doing painful things!

It is true that BDSM is characterized by the pleasure of hurting and being hurt. However, this is only true if the needs of both parties are met. BDSM is only possible with the consent of both parties, so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Be sure to communicate with your partner about what you want and don’t want to do, so that you can have a BDSM sex experience that is safe and comfortable for your mind and body.

It’s important to talk about it first. – And mental connection is key.

The top and bottom need to serve each other. In fact, it is necessary for the top manager to sense what the other person wants and dislikes as soon as possible, so it is necessary to be considerate.

For this reason, people with a strong spirit of wanting to do something for others are suitable for the top job. Blaming someone for being reckless is not BDSM, it’s just self-centered sexual behavior.

It is the role of the top person to take control of BDSM play and to take responsibility for it.

You can’t form a master-servant relationship if you only do what you want to do, so you have to ask yourself what they want to do to you. If you can pay attention to what is going on, you’re probably a good fit for the top.

On the other hand, those who can successfully communicate what they want the other person to do and what they don’t want them to do are better suited to the bottom, so please use this as a reference to think about which one you are.

can see how important visuals are in BDSM play, where mental fulfillment is the goal, right?

Depending on the dynamics of the relationship, the enactment of any kind of BDSM activity is essentially a continuous dialogue between the participants, both verbal and non-verbal, and the better the communication, the better the sex. This dialogue is incredibly important because, at the risk of over generalizing here, the emotions wrapped up in a BDSM relationship are more intense and than those of a non-kink relationship.

The Importance of Trust In BDSM

Safewords are a must!

One thing you should always be aware of when doing BDSM play is to set a safeword. A safeword is what we call a password.

If there is something wrong with the bottom during play, you must let the top player know that you want to interrupt. The two of you have agreed in advance to use a safe word.

The most common safe words are the color of the signal. They are used all over the world because they are easy to remember and can be uttered instantly. Red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means continue.

The most common safewords are known as the traffic light system. They’re easy to remember in the heat of the moment, and each color communicates to your partner how you’re feeling.

Everything you need to know about using safewords.

BDSM play is based on the premise that there is a relationship of trust between the top and the bottom, and must be interrupted immediately whenever the bottom issues a safeword. In this way, BDSM play is a safe and secure way to enjoy it.

Aftercare is a must!

Personally, I find this aftercare to be the most important part of BDSM. I want you to show a willingness to communicate with each other after sex, to hug and kiss. And be positive and dry to each other.

During sex, you can say to each other that because you are being humiliated or punished, these are part of sex and you don’t mean it. BDSM sex is finally complete when you tell them that you love them.

No matter how exhausted you are after an intense sex session, don’t go to bed right away, and make a conscious effort to take care of yourself afterwards!


If you’ve been interested in BDSM but haven’t been able to get your hands on it, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to try your hand at BDSM merchandise. There’s a new world waiting for you when you step out!

Also, if you weren’t interested in it before but are now a little bit interested, please try soft BDSM. You’ll discover your hidden sexuality.

BDSM is a safe and emotionally satisfying activity when done correctly, and it’s a great way to bond as a couple. It’s a safe and emotionally satisfying activity when done correctly, and when done as a couple, it’s a great way to strengthen your bond.

Use this knowledge to help you have a better sex life.